Industrty 4.0

With our customers, we build the future

With more than 30 years of experience, Team Plastique has been able to adapt its offer to industrial challenges through a product, environmental and social quality approach.
The robotization (cobotics and poly-articulated robot) attests to a high degree of precision under the expertise of the teams. The tools are stored within the company in a dedicated area.

Team Plastique is autonomous in programming and implementing new applications.

Poly-articulated robot

Offer best-cost solutions by co-engineering & co-design​


Cobot for peeling, gluing and peripheral sealing operations for meal table

Automated control

Automated control tools for mass-produced parts

Digital tablets

Digital tablets at each workstation to ensure that all documents are up to date, to be reactive on change requests, to generate quality alerts following quality deviations observed,…

And “no paper” is good for our planet !