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From timely small series production to scheduling thermoformed parts for mass production

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Thermoforming, at the heart of our profession

Definition of thermoforming:

Thermoforming, at the heart of our profession

Thermoforming is the shaping of a plastic sheet, heated then applied to a mould by a vacuum process.

Thermoforming offers numerous benefits:

  • short timescales allowing us to be responsive to your projects,
  • reduced tooling costs,
  • and a range of customised solutions depending on your projects.


Team Plastique will provide you with support from design through to manufacture of a customised part, tailored to the requirements of your application and meeting your expectations in the best possible way.

To better meet your needs, our machinery resources comprise 12 thermoforming machines (including 2 with max. dimensions of 1,600x2,500x800).

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