Our certifications

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These certificates are a proof of our commitment to and our investments in ongoing high-quality work.


The Team Plastique Company has the following certifications:

  • Iso 9001 (Quality)
  • EN 9100 (This European standard describes a quality assurance system for the spatial and aircraft markets)
  • Iso 14001 (Environmental Management)

We were awarded these certificates by the AFNOR certification authority.

Team Plastique was also rewarded the ADET 0061 qualification for thermoforming of thermoplastics by AIRBUS.

Team Plastique is certificated by EADS-Sogerma with:

  • SEP010 ind.B: self-grasping adhesive tapes fitting
  • SEP011 ind. A: decorative film fitting
  • SEP024 ind. A: non electrical parts stamping
  • SEP026 ind. A: thermoplastics thermoforming
  • SEP027 ind. B: non-structural sticking



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