History of the Team Plastique Company

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With you, a history always on the way

Team Plastique Company


Thermoforming, serving your projects since 1988

Team Plastique Logos

  • TEAM PLASTIQUE is a simplified joint stock company which was created on 1 April 1988 in Soudan (44) by Mr Didier Elin, who is currently its Chairman.
  • In 1994, Team Plastique was doing so well that it moved to the Val de Chère Industrial Estate, route de Laval, in Châteaubriant (Loire Atlantique).
  • In 2007 Team Plastique got the ISO 9001 (AFAQ) certification.
  • In 2008 Team Plastique got the ISO 14001 (AFAQ) certification.


Since we were founded we have been supporting you with our team by offering tailored subcontracting matching your expectations and the the smooth running of your projects.


A continuous improvement process which has been set up right from when we started, in all our industrial processes, to ensure both customer and staff satisfaction.


A desire for quality throughout the process which guarantees our co-design, manufacturing, logistics, monitoring and support services.


Subcontracting services to cope with your requirements and the success of your projects.

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